Which profession knows more about homes – than REALTORS®?

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Murray Scotton, current chair with the CREB® REALTOR® Community Foundation.

We asked Murray, “What makes a house a home?”

With no hesitation, and full of authenticity, Murray answered, “Family.”

The CREB® REALTOR® Community Foundation supports organizations who build or provide homes or home-like environments for many families. RMHC Alberta is one of those organization who have been impacted by the generosity of CREB® members.

“We are honoured to provide an opportunity to help people when they don’t have housing because they have a child in hospital and require a service to have somewhere to stay and have a roof over their heads,” says Murray.

The CREB® REALTOR® Community Foundation recently provided a $25,000 grant to refresh the playroom in our Calgary House. We had to ask the professional realtor what makes for a good playroom. “Age appropriate, and making sure that parents can see their children,” says Murray.

When asked about how Murray feels knowing that families who stay at the House will be using that play space to have fun, not something you always think about when you have a sick child, Murray said “Even though they can’t personally thank us – I know that they appreciate it, and it is one less thing that they have to worry about. The kids, their siblings, have a space to play and interact. Parents don’t need to find a space for the kids to unwind. They need to expend that energy, in a safe way.”

RMHC Alberta is honoured to have been one of the 2021 grant recipients from the CREB® REALTOR® Community Foundation and work is already underway for the refurbished and updated playroom.

CREB® REALTOR® Community Foundation is the community investment arm of CREB® (the Calgary Real Estate Board).

Made up of a membership of more than 6,000 REALTORS® and community members, CREB® REALTOR® Community Foundation exists to support the charitable and philanthropic activities of its members and to provide funding to housing and shelter-related initiatives in Calgary and area.

Since its inception in 1987, the foundation has contributed more than $7.8 million to a wide range of non-profit organizations in our communities.