CIR Realty’s 1ForAll Program Helping Keep Families Near the Care They Need

In only four and a half years, CIR Realty has raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to both RMHC Alberta and AARCS, and is making an incredible impact on families (and animals) who are either away from home or needing a home. 

“We chose RMH and AARCS because in many ways, both organizations have a huge focus on ‘home’ – the RMH creates a home for families who have to travel to be with their sick children receiving care at hospitals, and AARCS’s mission is rescuing and caring for animals until they find them a new permanent home,” said Kirsten Smith with CIR Realty. 

Recently we had the chance to ask Kirsten about the program and share how meaningful the support from CIR Realty has been for our organization. 

“When we started this program, we wanted to create a culture of giving,” said Smith. This is evident in the ways they celebrate not only success of the realtors, but also the way they celebrate the community impact of their agents by highlighting their giving achievements through a multitude of ways including special award categories for giving. 

CIR Realty has found numerous creative ways to raise money for the organizations they support, all while being conscientious of making fundraising an affordable opportunity for their agents and associates. 

CIR Realty agents can also be found stocking our Magic Room with toys, filling Santa Sacks with meaningful gifts, and busily preparing meals for families in our kitchens. 

We want to thank CIR Realty for making a difference every single day.