“Meghan has cancer.”

Susan Haggas will never forget the moment the doctor said those unthinkable words.

When Susan heard the news, she fell to the floor in shock. It was impossible to imagine her energetic five-year-old daughter—whose world revolved around soccer, ballet, art, and playing with her brother—being sick. Before the Haggas family could even begin processing what a cancer diagnosis meant, they found themselves in an ambulance from Red Deer to Calgary.

At the hospital, the social worker told the Haggas family about the Ronald McDonald House. They felt comfort knowing they could stay close to each other, steps away from the hospital, during such a difficult time.

It’s like a home away from home. Everything feels so safe.

Meghan haggas

The Haggas family experienced many moments of normalcy and support during their time at the Calgary Ronald McDonald House. Susan cooked Meghan’s favourite food, they connected with families in similar situations, and Meghan played in the craft room with her new friends. For nearly three years, Meghan’s family also made special memories at the House birthday parties and holiday events like Christmas and Mother’s Day.

Meghan told her mom, “It’s like a home away from home. Everything feels so safe.”

This year, the Haggas family got to celebrate a medical milestone: Christmas without cancer. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for hundreds of families across the province facing debilitating illness or serious injury.

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