The Unseen Support of an Incredible Volunteer and Donor

Lauren Ruttle-Soon doesn’t know the far-reaching impacts she’s had on RMHC Alberta, but this has never stopped her from giving her utmost attention to detail and enthusiasm supporting the families who call RMHC their home-away-from home.

Born and raised in Calgary, Lauren was always aware of the Ronald McDonald House, and at the age of ten she was already asking her mom to pick up some groceries for the food program at the House.

What Lauren does know – is that supporting families with sick children is something she is meant to do.

Lauren is a volunteer and monthly donor with the organization. Her alignment with RMHC Alberta spans several years and even across the province. She has volunteered in both Edmonton and Calgary, having an impact in recreation, greeting families, events, and more.

It is clear she isn’t chasing any accolades and was even surprised when we reached out to highlight her remarkable dedication.

With a background in childcare Lauren was easily able to develop and execute recreation programming at the House. After a period, she wanted to make a change in the ways she showed up for volunteering and decided to challenge herself to go outside her comfort zone which led her to serving in roles like events and fundraising.

About volunteering Lauren says, “I get to try on all these roles, and use my skills in so many ways.”

Lauren is now the person that greets families when they arrive at the Ronald McDonald House.

“I love the role of front host. You have an impact everywhere”, says Lauren. “Everyone who walks by says hello, I get to know the bakers, the families, and so many people.”

Our extraordinary volunteer has a unique lens on the ways she helps family, especially as many of the ways could be categorized as ‘unseen’. Lauren points out her familiarity with recognizing the unseen labour that parents take on every single day. Through that lens she can help support families whose needs, which may be small in detail but big in impact, the best way she can. It can come down to ensuring communication has reached the family, they understand what the meal is today, or how they can access different programming.

Lauren commits to supporting organizations financially every single year and recognized the significance of becoming a monthly donor, which creates a sustainable giving opportunity that allows her to manage her finances appropriately, and for RMHC Alberta to create consistency in the fundraising process.

“I started giving monthly when I started giving my time to the organization. And when I became a regular volunteer it’s important to me that my money follows my time. If something is important that I am giving my time, then it is important that my money goes there as well,” said Lauren.

“Our monthly donors are what keep our lights on,” says Lauren, who has a great appreciation for both the donors and the way the donations are used at RMHC Alberta.

“For the people who recognize the value of what RMHC provides, I think the biggest way to make an impact is through monthly giving, even at $5 or $10 a month,” Lauren shared.

Lauren concludes our conversation with a simple message, “I believe that our purpose is to be kind. We have a responsibility to contribute to our community.”

With years of volunteerism and monthly giving already achieved, it’s an honour to share a small part of Lauren’s impact and her story. What is certain, the families she helps every single day see her hard work, kindness, and support, and we hope you see it too.

Thank you Lauren.

To become a Monthly Donor as part of our Hearts of the House, please visit: