June 14th, Official Groundbreaking Ceremony

RMHC Alberta serves as a home-away-from-home for over 1,200 families annually across the province. When families need to travel for vital medical care for their child, they are often left with more obstacles than just a medical journey.  

“Despite delivering services at unprecedented levels, we’ve gained a deeper appreciation for the irrefutable, and desperate service gap that still exists.  “We must expand our facilities to reach the 8,000 families travelling each year for pediatric care,” says Jason Evanson, CEO of RMHC Alberta.   

A family faces significant financial, social, and geographic challenges just to access the medical care their child requires.  

A Ronald McDonald House provides accommodation, programs, service, and transportation for families so that they may remain close to their child and their medical care.  

Currently RMHC Alberta is only able to serve 14% of the need for services due to lack of space. 8,000 families in Alberta travel annually for serious pediatric care.  

One of those families was the Jensen family who needed to stay at the Ronald McDonald House after they had to travel from Vancouver to Calgary for life-sustaining medical care for their son Henry. They were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House but needed to wait several nights for a suite to open.  

“The thing that most surprised me about the Ronald McDonald House was how helpful it was to talk to other families and their challenges and success,” says Lisa Jensen. “It can be very isolating going through tough times with your sick child.” 

RMHC Alberta is planning to triple the capacity of the Ronald McDonald House® in Calgary moving from 27 suites to 91 family suites.  

Construction has already begun on the expanded facility with plans to finish by the end of 2024. The Ronald McDonald House in Calgary will remain open to families throughout construction.   

To learn more about this expansion project, visit www.rmhcalbertabuild.org