Our Families Need You More Than Ever.

Due to the novel coronavirus, we have temporarily suspended our Home for Dinner program, in order to limit our families’ exposure to external visitors to the House. The safety of our families remains our number one priority.

We rely on our Home for Dinner groups to provide meals every night of the week for our families. While we are urging our families to stock up on their personal supplies of food, we also understand that this may not be financially or logistically feasible for them all.

If you are a Home for Dinner group, a volunteer, or a community supporter, there are still several ways you can continue to support our families:

  • Donate money or gift cards so we can purchase commerically-prepared meals for our families.
  • Donate a meal from a local restaurant that can be delivered or picked up by an RMHC Alberta staff member.
  • Donate gift cards we can use to buy groceries for families.

For more information on how you can help, please contact the following:

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Our Families Need You More Than Ever

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To find out more about what we are doing in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) click here.